An evening with Lee Craigie

An evening with Lee Craigie

22nd November 2023, cycling enthusiasts and adventure seekers gathered at Alf Jones Cycles for an unforgettable event featuring the inspiring Lee Craigie. The evening was filled with captivating stories, valuable insights, and a shared passion for cycling that left everyone in attendance buzzing with excitement.

The highlight of the evening was, undoubtedly, the presence of Lee Craigie, a renowned figure in the world of cycling. As an accomplished adventure cyclist, former professional mountain biker, and the co-founder of The Adventure Syndicate, Lee shared her incredible journey with the audience.

From epic solo rides to challenging mountainous terrains, Lee's stories resonated with both seasoned cyclists and newcomers alike. Her passion for the sport and the transformative power of cycling as a means of self-discovery and empowerment were evident in every word she spoke.

The event wasn't just a one-way conversation; attendees had the opportunity to engage with Lee through an interactive Q&A session. Questions ranged from her favorite cycling destinations to tips for overcoming challenges on long rides. Lee's thoughtful and genuine responses left the audience feeling not only inspired but also armed with newfound knowledge to enhance their own cycling experiences.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the evening was the sense of community that permeated the event. Cyclists from various backgrounds and skill levels came together to share their own stories, exchange tips, and forge connections that extended beyond the event itself. Alf Jones Cycles became a hub for the local cycling community, fostering a sense of camaraderie that will likely endure.

We would like to thank Lee for presenting such an amazing evening and for all our loyal customers who attended - we can't wait to put on more events for you!

Pete, Rich, Adam, Matt, Andy, Josh, Mike, Alfie & Layla

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